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Last month, I found myself frustrated trying to format a Google Document

Remember the scene in the movie “Office Space” where they use a bat to smash the printer?


I was there – Level 10 Pissed

Here comes the twist…

Rather than smashing my computer as per cinematic norms…

I decided to outsource the task for $5 on UpWork.

Within 5 minutes I had 17 freelancers chomping at the gig ready to work.

Ready for the kicker?

The task was completed in less than an hour and was better than what I would’ve done.

I value my time at $1,000/hr.

$1,000 – $5 = $995 in opportunity cost

Founders wear too many hats in the game of entrepreneurship.

Pride and delusion make us think we must do it all.

Time is the most valuable asset we have.

Make better use of it, instead of wrestling with BS tech issues.

Iterate & Delegate

Let’s win together


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