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I wish it were different but….

If your great portfolio means you have a terrible personal life you’re hustling in reverse.

Many people find themselves constantly hustling and bragging about the number of hours they work as if it’s a race with no finish line.

You set out to achieve these God-like goals and give it everything you got and then after you don’t accomplish them you beat yourself up.

Sound familiar?

We all make this mistake (myself included) but NEVER talk about it.

One year ago, I started to create content online and set lofty goals for myself.

Instagram: 15k followers

Twitter: 10k followers

YouTube: 10k subs

I set out on a war path for 6 months and was consistently making content for the first 6 months.

Everything was gravy until my dad was hospitalized this January and then died a month later.

I honestly didn’t feel like creating content and needed time to reflect.

One thing I realized was…

My systems failed me and lost my momentum.

You know the feeling where you know you should be doing something but don’t do it and then the feeling compounds only to create more stress?

That’s how I felt with creating content.

It wasn’t getting done and the thought of it kept compounding.

In May, I started to get the itch to make content again and decided to take the pressure off and forgive myself.

Creating content is a long process and has many different seasons.

Give yourself permission to fail and make mistakes and remember you’re in this for the long haul.

Mistakes will happen and that’s ok.

Don’t beat yourself.

Keep going.

That’s what I’m doing.






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