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The key to success in business lies in the follow-up. Here’s why.

You’re busy I get it.

I’m busy too.

NBD, right?

Bing, Bang, Slap.

We just had a discovery call.

I hit you with an email the next day telling you how much I enjoyed our conversation and try to add more value instantly if I can.

Secretly on the side on my dark mode spreadsheet, I log additional information for future follow-ups:

  • Hobbies
  • Kids names
  • Passion projects
  • Geographic location

95% of prospects with 1/2 a brain will reply out of common courtesy.

Standard procedure 101.

Boring, right?

Well, let’s up the stakes…

Follow up again in 7 days with a second email.

Study your secret stealth dark mode spreadsheet to find gems.


Your prospects children are looking for a fun summer camp.  

You come across an article of The Top 10 Summer Camps West of The Mississippi and share it with your prospect.

You’ve now strengthened your relationship and are someone who is both…

  1. A Giver
  2. Leads with Value

You’re earning the prospect’s trust.


Sidenote: This strategy doesn’t work if you’re not truly a genuine and caring person.

Moving on…

Rinse and repeat this strategy over the next 2-4 months.

People do business with people they…

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

Over time you’ll be on your prospect’s mind and if they need XYZ service they’re likely to call you.

Cha Ching!

Playing the long game works.

Short-term thinking never does.

Play silly games, and win silly prizes.

I do this exact strategy and it has helped me increase my revenue by 15% YTD.


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