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Overwhelmed By The Daily Grind Of 15 LinkedIn Comments For Growth?

I was stuck on the hamster wheel of chasing deals…

More deals

More equity

More money

More responsibility

I was burn out…

…after 2 years…

Every new acquisition felt like another ice cold grey cinderblock placed on to my chest.

I didn’t know what to do.

Late nights

Endless meetings

No creative outlet

It all began to take a toll on my.

Biggie Smalls was right…

“More money. More Problems”

Deep down I knew I wanted something different.

I wanted to build my own empire – not someone else’s.

I’m the happiest when I’m building something and being creative.

And knew…

Asset Management wasn’t doing it for me.

Come January 2022, I started passing the asset management torch to colleagues.

By May, I was out, ready for my next chapter – entrepreneurship.

Was I nervous to leave?

You bet.


“Some birds aren’t meant to be caged.”

Bet on & believe in yourself.

Build. Every. Day.


The rest will fall into place.


Who Is Matthew Baltzell?

Moving to Thailand in 2016 as an American expat started an amazing journey for me.


I’ve built a huge real estate portfolio with more than 700 units. I also spent four years in private equity and started a successful online business.


Then, I jumped into podcasting with ‘Real Estate Journeys’. It even made it into the Top 400 Business Podcasts!


Nowadays, every business is basically a media company, whether they know it or not.
I help entrepreneurs change their businesses.


I use things like building an audience, podcasting, and smart social media strategies.

This way, they stand out from the crowd online

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