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I see this mistake made 1,000 of times


Podcast Host: Where can people go to consume more of your content?

Guest: Great question. You can find us online at I’m also on LinkedIn and my email is

If you have any real estate questions I’m always more than happy to answer them. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email.

Sound familiar?

I’m not making this shit up.

9 out of 10 podcasts will have a similar call to action that doesn’t work.

Guest podcasting is a great way to grow your investor list, but you gotta do it right.

Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S)

Your call to action at the end of a podcast should be so simple a 5th-grader can understand and follow it.

Include the following in your CTA:

  • Clear direction

  • Scarcity

  • Code

  • Value

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Remember the simpler the better.

Don’t confuse the listener

Send the listener to one clear destination – not multiple.

“You can find my free underwriting model at”

The clearer and easier it is to understand your call to action the higher the conversion rate.

Make it scarce and trackable

Let’s spice it up a little bit and entice people to take immediate action.

“And for the first 5 people to sign up and enter the promo code DAVE I will include market research reports I use when acquiring deals.”

Be sure to track your results.

Change promo codes with different podcast appearances to better track your results.

Lead with Value

You will want to offer something to the listener you know they will want and will provide immediate value.

The quicker it can benefit the end user the better.

If you offer something boring and mundane like your “best-selling and award-winning book on Amazon” you will probably hear crickets.

Everyone has a “best-selling Amazon book”

Make it valuable to the listener and they will take action.

I hope this helps.

If you need assistance with your podcast guesting call to action, simply reply to this email with “CTA,” and I’ll share 3 tried-and-true examples of CTAs used by real estate investors. Please note this offer is limited to the first 5 replies.




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