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Overwhelmed By The Daily Grind Of 15 LinkedIn Comments For Growth?

Try this…

LinkedIn can feel like a hamster wheel I get it:

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Brain Dead

Congratulations, you’ve hit your daily quota for LinkedIn commenting for growth.


It comes at a cost – your creative energy.

You realize this and want to stop the brain drain so close your MacBook Air while swearing under your breath to the Social Media Gods you will never put yourself through that torture again.

(While typing this out in my Arctic Blue office I felt like I had a 20 pound kettle bell resting on my chest causing me massive anxiety just thinking about this. )

I don’t want that for you.

The way I see it…

You’ve got 3 options:

  1. Repeat the same process
  2. Delegate/Outsource
  3. Quit

Options 1 and 3 are off the table.

That leaves you with one option.

You need to delegate this task in order to maintain stable business growth on LinkedIn and your sanity.

I present to you The Hands Free Commenting Strategy

Gone are the days of endless hours on LinkedIn typing comments.

My team of LinkedIn Assasins will help you grow your account by 200 followers every month through organic commenting or your money back + $25.

We’ve already helped one client gain 100 followers in 10 days and they don’t even post content (Imagine the possibilities)


Who Is Matthew Baltzell?

Moving to Thailand in 2016 as an American expat started an amazing journey for me.


I’ve built a huge real estate portfolio with more than 700 units. I also spent four years in private equity and started a successful online business.


Then, I jumped into podcasting with ‘Real Estate Journeys’. It even made it into the Top 400 Business Podcasts!


Nowadays, every business is basically a media company, whether they know it or not.
I help entrepreneurs change their businesses.


I use things like building an audience, podcasting, and smart social media strategies.

This way, they stand out from the crowd online

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