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Overwhelmed By The Daily Grind Of 15 LinkedIn Comments For Growth?

Need to raise $1,000,000 in 30 days?

Wondering where to start?

We discussed his goals for raising funds:

Short term (30 days): $1 million

Long term (yearly): $2 – $4 million

I’ve help raise over $30 million, and I know the best time to get funds isn’t when you need them.


If you need funds ASAP, what should you do?

Here’s the strategy I recommended.


First, send a newsletter at least once a month. This keeps you in your investors’ minds.

This gentleman wasn’t even meeting this basic step.

I advised him to contact his investors twice a week for the next month.

Explain why you haven’t sent regular updates before.

Explain your current situation.

Share what you’re working on.

Highlight why this deal is so appealing.

Describe your plan to succeed.

Your investors need to hear from you.

Content Creation


An informative, detailed article and use it in your:

  • Newsletter
  • Website/Blog
  • LinkedIn


Post daily on LinkedIn, targeting your ideal client.

For anyone who:

  • Views your profile
  • Likes your posts
  • Shares your content
  • Comments

Send them a connection request and start a conversation.

“Yo Tommy, I noticed you viewed my profile – great. I see you’re in Tech and have a valuable resource to share. Excited to connect. Cheers.”

It’s that simple.

Pick Up The Phone

The people most likely to invest with you are those who have already done so.

Call everyone who has invested before.

Share your current projects.

If they’re not interested, no problem.

Thank them and ask if they know someone who might be interested in your deal.

Referrals are an excellent way to get new capital.

Overcoming FEAR

Worried about sounding too salesy? I get it.

But remember, everyone is in sales.

You’re either selling someone else’s dream as a W2 employee,


You’re selling your own dream as an entrepreneur.

Remember, you’re the center of your universe.

People don’t think about you as much as you might think.

American Express says it takes 7 interactions before a prospect decides to take action.

Keep reminding people of what you do.

Don’t hesitate to pitch your offer.

If you have a chance to help someone earn more, you owe it to them and yourself to present the opportunity.

Let them decide.

That’s it…

This plan isn’t foolproof.

Who knows if it will work completely?


It’s proactive.

Take parts of it and run young grasshopper.


Who Is Matthew Baltzell?

Moving to Thailand in 2016 as an American expat started an amazing journey for me.


I’ve built a huge real estate portfolio with more than 700 units. I also spent four years in private equity and started a successful online business.


Then, I jumped into podcasting with ‘Real Estate Journeys’. It even made it into the Top 400 Business Podcasts!


Nowadays, every business is basically a media company, whether they know it or not.
I help entrepreneurs change their businesses.


I use things like building an audience, podcasting, and smart social media strategies.

This way, they stand out from the crowd online

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