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“I want to speak to your manager.”

Back when I worked at Maggiano’s, I heard this often.

I had to fetch my manager, Luigi.

He was a stocky, disheveled-looking guy, but he had this calming presence.

And always told us to get him for any table issues.

Luigi would approach the table, kneel like a quarterback running out the clock, and talk to the customer at their level.

It seemed magical.

He didn’t stand over the table like most managers.

He’d meet their gaze, getting on their level.

And just like that…

Their anger would fade, and calmness would set in.

That day, I learned something crucial:

When you talk to someone, it’s important to connect on their level to be relatable and convey a clear message.

As entrepreneurs, we need our message to click quickly and effectively.

In the video-first era, positioning the camera at eye level is a skill many haven’t mastered.

You shouldn’t….

Talk down to your audience, it dumbs down your message.

e.g. Dad talking down to his son

You should…

Test and adjust your camera beforehand to ensure you’re on the same eye line (see diagram below)

Once it’s set right, you’ll see your message resonate more effectively.


Who Is Matthew Baltzell?

Moving to Thailand in 2016 as an American expat started an amazing journey for me.


I’ve built a huge real estate portfolio with more than 700 units. I also spent four years in private equity and started a successful online business.


Then, I jumped into podcasting with ‘Real Estate Journeys’. It even made it into the Top 400 Business Podcasts!


Nowadays, every business is basically a media company, whether they know it or not.
I help entrepreneurs change their businesses.


I use things like building an audience, podcasting, and smart social media strategies.

This way, they stand out from the crowd online

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