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It doesn’t have to be hard…

In high school, I played on the junior varsity basketball team.

We had to maintain a 3.0 GPA if not we had to run wind sprints every practice till we go our grades up.

I graduated with a 2.8 GPA.

I ran…

Every. Single. Practice

Coach Mansfield would look my grades over in military fashion and quickly bark

“Baltzell you got a C- in math.”

“Coach I have a C. Not a C minus.” I replied

“Funny.” Coach Mansfield said,

“When you have a C+ you say you have a C+. But when you have a C- you say you have a C.”

What came first the chicken or the egg?

It doesn’t matter

What does matter is how you position yourself in life and real estate.

Position yourself wrong and you set yourself back by 5 years.

You don’t want this, right?

I thought so.

Doing more deals and raising more capital requires you to position yourself as a thought leader and an educator.

Sure, you can attend one conference every quarter but it’s time to start thinking differently.

You need to leverage your time to reach a wider audience to put you in a position for success.

Guest podcasting is a great way to leverage other people’s platforms to help you raise more capital, generate more deal flow, and ultimately take down more deals.

I’ve helped real estate investors raise over $30MM in capital through this proven strategy.

If you’re serious about raising capital and want to end the second half of the year strong.

Let’s talk.

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