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How to move prospects down the line

“Likes ain’t cash.”

This is the mantra going around on social media.

When I first heard this phrase I was automatically drawn in.

I was chasing followers and likes as if my life depended on it like many others on social media and eventually burned out.

Sound familiar?

At my high, I had one post on IG with 1,009 likes.

My phone was blowing up left and right but so what!

I was chasing a mind-numbing vanity metric.

Nobody cares if you have 10k or 100k likes on your post

If social media isn’t putting cash into your pocket, then likes and followers are worthless.

You need to understand how the online game works and position yourself correctly to make money.

I’ve spent over 50 hours studying top creators like Matt Gray, Dan Koe, Justin Welsch, and Noah Kagan to see how they move online.

They all have one thing in common…

Are you ready for the secret sauce?

Here’s what I found…

High conversion rate

Great creators and entrepreneurs are able to convert people successfully into their funnel to own their audience.

Rented vs Owned Audience?

I got you.

A rented audience is LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Your account can be deleted anytime causing you to lose all your followers.

An owned audience is having someone’s email address and being able to contact them at will.

Kicked off MailChimp?

Cool story.

No worries move to Beehiiv.

Owning your audience is The Game

You want your audience’s email address – plain and simple.

Every other “KPI” is a vanity metric.

Best ways to own your audience

It’s more of an art than an exact science.

The more creative you are the better.

A couple of ways to capture your audiences email:

  • Host webinar

  • Giveaway

  • Landing page

  • Discovery call

  • CTA

  • Pop up

  • Website

See what method works best for you and then double down on it.

Once completed successfully you will see your marketing begin to pay off and grow your business.

This works across all industries.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Let’s win together,




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